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With our platform, we make work & education accessible to everyone. In 2022 we opened a brand new Solution centre in Brno, Czech republic, to spearhead our future core software development.

Will you join us?
  • Space and emphasis for training & development
  • Flexibility as a value, not just a benefit
  • Transparent & trustworthy management
  • Motivating salary & great work environment

We are Level.works

Together with our team of 50+ Levelers we bring new opprotunities to the Labor markets via our platform.

Excited to become part of our team of Levelers?

We believe that high-end technology can not only be used to provide flexible and accessible work to everyone, but also to give them control on their own level.up.

Our Solution center was established by a vibrant company called Level.works based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Together with our parental company, our team of developers are specializing in creating a platform that brings together clients and flexible workers in industries such as logistics, transportation, delivery, and security.

Beyond simply improving operational efficiency, our Solution center places a strong emphasis on enhancing employee satisfaction and conducting business responsibly, with a focus on environmental sustainability and supporting diverse social initiatives. The company actively fosters a positive work culture characterized by open communication and collaboration, without rigid hierarchies.

Furthermore, Level.works is dedicated to contributing to the economic and social advancement of its community. For example, in the summer of 2023, the company launched its internship program, engaged in various job fairs, and introduced numerous positions aimed at nurturing young talents within the IT sector.

  • Company founded by Dutch University students.
  • Launching of our first app.
  • Starting our Level.up education program.
  • More hands needed, opening of the Brno Solution center.
"It is very easy to grow healthy teams in Level.works, the open and friendly culture is the secret to it. As any other place, we do have our issues and conflicts, but we can always talk about it and try to resolve them, and this helps us become better and better with the time."
Noe PintoQA Lead & Scrum Master

Our platform 



Friendly shifts planning environment for our clients with many extended functions. 


Mobile app 

Our monile app available for flex / temporary workers on App Store / Google Play. 


Workers details 

Enhanced features for worker profiles are available for our clients to select from. 




Our Office

Where do we work if it's not from home

Clubco office

Our office is situated at Vlněna CTP Office Park, offering comforable and modern space to work.

At the moment, we have an office space for 12 people, considering that we regularly work from home.

However, the growth of our Solution Center is planned!