Tech stack

Development languages

  • React Native app iOS & Android
  • React webportal
  • Node.js Api’s

Database & ORM

  • MySQL
  • Prisma

Hosting & Cloud services

  • AWS


  • Jira project and issues tracking
  • Slack


An iOS and Android app for flex workers.
Web-based planning and data environment for clients.
Web-based environment for our own Headquarters.


Key metrics

Direct insights in the occupancy rate, shifts and published hours.

Locations & functions

Friendly insights into the planning per location and function group. The ‘traffic light effect’ shows which shifts require open actions.

Adding jobs

Easy adding single, multiple and returning shifts.

Shift Details

Flexibility per shift

Adjusting shifts by opening or closing positions for flexible workers. All specific shift requirements can also be adjusted.

Selecting flexible workers

Finding the best flexible workers thanks to insights into relevant data and percentages.

More than a tool

Set your hourly rate

From €17,00 per hour (ex. VAT) you decide for yourself, no strings attached.

Choose for qualified flexworkers

Thanks to a clear and transparent rating system, you can see exactly which skills and qualities you acquire.

Your own planning makes scheduling flex workers easy and fast. You always have real-time insight into the status of registrations to be able to switch quickly.

Flexible shell that is immediately ready

We unburden you with a force of flexible employees who step in when needed. Satisfied with a candidate? Add them to a fixed flex pool and you can count on them even faster.

Smooth and transparent administration

You will receive an invoice per week stating how many hours have been worked, at what rate, and the total amount including platform costs. We arrange the payment to the flex worker, just as easy as you want it.

Mobile app


The flexible worker onboarding program in the mobile app, provides minimal registration and screening time which result in frictionless onboarding. With great incentive to keep improving their personal profile.

Job board

The job board provides infinite job opportunities based on personal preferences, filter possibilities and sneak previews of new jobs. Gamification is used to motivate flexible workers to grow to the next level by gaining new skills.


Checkouts features guarantee a watertight administration in the app. All invoices, payment slips and states updates regarding payments areaccessible via the flexible worker app.

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