We are Level.works

A SaaS platform that connects companies and flexible workers across different sectors such as delivery, transport, logistics and safety. Companies place shifts that require specific skills and workers can claim them.

Lack of specific skills as a flexible worker? At Level.works we will help you to acquire them. That easy? Yes, it is.

“We believe that work & education possibilities should be accessible for everyone. By offering jobs & training in the most flexible way possible we generate life opportunities to our flexworkers & clients.”

Vision & Mission

“By primarily focusing on development and wellbeing of flexible workers, we change the perspective on flexible work.”


There is no shortage of workforce!
But there is a mismatch.

Today’s job market has a mismatch between supply and demand. The current generation of workers wants to determine for themselves where, when and for who they want to work. The mismatch is solved thanks to our platform which provides freedom and flexibility.

The rise of the flexible workers economy

The group of flexible workers has continued to show rapid growth. This is partly due to the rise of work platform sas Uber, Deliveroo and Level.works.

Own boss

Freedom and flexibility ensure more intrinsically motivated workers. Being responsible for your own success increases your motivation. Workers decide themselves for who they would like to work and want to receive good reviews. This was not possible for everyone before, but we are here for the change!

What we do

At Level.works we are on a mission: use high end technology to provide flex workers access to the coolest jobs. Together with a large number of clients in transport and safety, we have come a long way.

We offer flex workers numerous opportunities to gain experience through our platform.

We are not a simple peer-to-peer work platform, but use tech and data to match flex workers with the best jobs: The Level(.works) experience.

Our growth ambition is high and we want to keep improving the scalability and features of our platform.

Our story



Order pickers, movers, forklift drivers and many more. Add experienced flexible workers to your flexpool easily.


Need help with your last mile delivery? Level.works connects you with the right flexible worker that delivers by car or bike.


From event security to bus coordinators and traffic regulators. The profiles of the flexible workers provide you with all the relevant certificates that are necessary to work in these functional groups.


Whether it is a bus ride, hiker shift or a private driver after having a dinner. Find the right driver for the right time, via our platform.


Ready to level.up your career?

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